About Us

About Medinet United

Welcome to medinetunited.com – The first online social networking and health care website for the entire hospital and health care industry, coming together and uniting as one, where everyone can meet other health care associates, form relationships and network with their co-workers, created by Russell Smith in 2011. 

This website is dedicated to uniting all union workers, hospital associates, medical professionals and health care workers nationwide, for social networking, health & wellness tips, fitness, union updates, hospital news, health fairs, special events and much more.

It is completely free to join medinetunited.com and as soon as you do, you can add your profile photo and create your own personal profile page. It costs nothing to join and read about the latest hospital news and union updates, as soon as you register and create a profile, you can start to connect with other health care workers and hospital associates who joined medinetunited.com and who also united with us.

medinetunited.com, we're in the business of promoting healthy living, healthy eating, learning about the proper fitness exercises, basically learning how to become a better and healthier you.  We host special events such as, health fairs, job fairs, cancer walks and various other health care based events.  We partnered with various hospitals, senior centers, insurance programs, gyms, holistic providers and others.

So what are you waiting for? Join medinetunited.com today and let’s come together and unite as one.

How does medinetunited.com work?

medinetunited.com  is free to join, once you've added your information and registered to the site, you can then upload a profile pic and able to search for other healthcare workers and hospital associates.  Once you're a member and you've uploaded your profile pic, you'll gain full access to the website and can start Building your own personal profile account with blogs, videos, photos, share content and so much more.  You can also use the video chat, purchase medinet united merchandise, get invited to our special events and take part in a new online health care and social networking site.  Search through other member profiles and see who you know within the medical field and the health care industry, also who you want to connect with, share ideas and unite together as a new health care network.  This is more than just a social networking website; this is your chance to join a health care community based on health & wellness, fitness, union updates, hospital news and much more.


If you have a health care based organization and you would like to partner with us on our future health care events or health fairs, please feel free to contact us.